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The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines remains committed in supporting the Philippine government's thrust to revitalize the agricultural sector that will help farmers and fisher folks to increase their yields, improve productivity, achieve processes efficiently, give added value to their outputs and boost promotion of their products. Consequently, the ECCP encourages the private sector to contribute in this effort with their expertise and knowhow along the agricultural value chains to enhance competitiveness and inclusiveness.

It is in this context that ECCP is organizing the 3rd Sustainable Agriculture Forum (SAF) to convene key stakeholders in government, private sector and civil society to discuss and identify areas of collaboration in providing solutions to the long-standing challenges that hinder the sector's potentials in achieving sustained growth and contributing to poverty alleviation.

In addition, the event aims to showcase best practices within the Philippines and in the ASEAN region, highlight innovations and technologies that will help improve outputs, feature latest developments in the sector in terms of policy reforms and legislation aimed at agricultural sustainability.


Manila Ballroom, Manila Marriott Hotel
Resort Drive 2
Manila, Metro Manila, Филиппины

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