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Program Description

This workshop will equip business leaders with tools and techniques to address problems created by a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous and Disruptive World (VUCAD). The Workshop begins with building a case for Resilience by showing the impact of VUCAD in the workplace and one's well being. Through a stress response test, participants will get to define their triggers and how they look like under stress and use this as data to move forward. Using the power of mindfulness and a powerful intervention called the Purposeful Pause, participants will get to experience the benefits of being mindful and how to use these results to be more resilient.

The afternoon session will focus on how to sustain Resilience and practice it everyday by:

  • being mindful of switching to a Growth Mindset;
  • using the Power of Yet and through and;
  • quick and easy mindful behaviors called Micro-Hits.


At the end of the one-day program, participants will:

  • Identify the factors that create a fast-paced VUCA environment
  • Experience the Hijack Response and it's impact in the business environment
  • Discuss the benefits of mindfulness and how it boosts performance and creativity at work
  • Apply a Growth Mindset to drive one's own development
  • Effectively Lead and Manage Teams by exemplifying a Resilient Mindset through the Power of YET
  • Demonstrate effective mindful habits through the practice of micro-hits

Target Audience: Senior Managers, Managers, Department Heads, Business Leaders, Entrepreneur

Program Outline

Part I. A Case for Resilience

A. VUCA: the age of disruption in the workplace B. Hijacks: the negative impact of Stress & VUCA C. VUCA problems at work

Part II. Building Resilience through Mindfulness

A. What is Mindfulness and its Benefits

B. Building Resilience through Mindfulness and the Purposeful Pause

C. Applying SBNRR

Part III. Building Resilience through a Growth Mindset

A. Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset

B. A.N.T.: Automatic Negative Talk

C. The Power of Yet

Part IV. Everyday Resilience

A. Micro-hits: mini-mindfulness techniques to stay Resilient

B. Staying Resilient by designing mindful moments

C. The Art of Asking Questions