February 19 & 20, 2019

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Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Good leaders are made not born. Empirical studies have shown that certain key practices related to coaching, communication, rewarding and other managerial functions are more effective than others in deriving optimum performance for led teams. However, and also as significant lately is the fact that personality, what some people call "charisma" is almost as important as the above technical skills are.

Moreover, studies done by psychologist Martin Seligman, Ph.D. have shown that certain personality characteristics are key determinants in corporate success and leadership. The term "emotional intelligence" or "EQ" was later coined to denote what was before referred to variously as "charisma, charm etc. Leadership stems not only from position power (or power derived from hierarchy) but also from one's own personal characteristic or what is now appropriately referred to as EQ.


This program aims to address both areas of management competence – the obvious hard, technical skills of management and the softer, more interpersonal skills of leadership

Additionally, the program is designed to stimulate the participant's strategic thinking and gain a better view of the requirements for team success. The program will strengthen the leadership competencies, boost the participant's level of confidence and prepare them for increasingly important roles in their organizations.

Target Audience:

Current and Future Managers of the Organizations | Executive Management | Middle Management | Front-line Supervision | Organizational Change Agents

Program Outline


· Modern Management Theories

Personal Effectiveness

· Management VS Leadership

· Goal Setting

· Cascading Goals to Staff

· Delegating and Follow-Through

Coaching and Mentoring

· Staff Observation

· Coaching Skills

· Disciplining and Directing Problem Employees

Giving Feedback, Recognizing Performance

· Giving Positive and Negative Feedback

· Formal and Informal Reward Systems

Team Management

· Personal Styles & Team Effectiveness

· Handling Conflicts

· Meeting Management