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Geared towards the fast-rising Digital Age, this program is a general introductory course for professionals who seek to get a better overview of how their offerings can flourish in the Philippine Digital Landscape.

One of the most savvy digital populations in the World, Filipino consumers on the average spend more time now on digital devices than they do their TV based on the latest research findings. There is more affinity towards digital channels as the consumers of today place a higher level of trust on digital influencers and seek out their content online. Social Media has also been adopted by the Filipino consumer as the society is one of the biggest users and contributors online.


The course seeks to provide an understanding of how Marketers can start to develop more effective campaigns. It also bridges the gap between tech speak and everyday lingo used in a corporate world as the workshop dissects digital from a Marketing and Sales point of view.

This is the jump of point to a deeper understanding of digital.

Topics Covered:

· What is Digital?

· Influencer Marketing

· CRM – email and SMS marketing

· Paid Media Strategy

· Digital Analytics

· Tools Available and Usage